Mike Friedman

Meet Mike Friedman

I started my SEO journey back in 2003. At that time I was primarily working on my own sites as well as advising some friends and colleagues on their projects. In 2007, I launched The SEO Pub, a place where I publicly shared practical SEO advice that could be useful for businesses big and small. That same year I also started working directly with businesses, helping them to align their search marketing strategies with their company goals and directives.

Since then, I have worked with businesses all over the world. I have worked with SaaS providers, manufacturers, law firms, medical practices, supplement makers, and everything in between.

I focus on simplifying SEO strategies and providing easy to follow plans that have helped businesses I work with to achieve record growth and sales. 

If your team is looking for help in putting together their SEO strategy, want to discuss if your current strategy has you on the right path, or just need someone with experience in the industry to bounce ideas off of before they go into production, then click the Get Started button below.